*Mail from Dahee!*

I have many friends from different countries. Dahee, or Hee, as I call her, is from South Korea. This is what she sent me.

the back of my package! ☺️ Isn’t it pretty?

When I opened it I tried to be as careful as possible because I could tell she had done some hard work making her envelope. This is what was inside!

I was so excited when I opened it and found this!

Those are a Korean letter set, stickers, and pretty Kawaii memo sheets.

It’s a Korean whale themed letter set! That’s the front. ☺️

Here’s the back! 

These are all the cute Kawaii memo sheets and stickers she sent! I love them!

My favorite one is this one. They are pink sakuras! ☺️🌺

Here are some other ones I favor more as well.

HEE is so thoughtful as she knows I love anime and Disney characters! I was super impressed when I saw the way she sent her letter all neatly written out on pretty origami paper.

Thanks Hee!


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