*Mail from Dahee!*

I have many friends from different countries. Dahee, or Hee, as I call her, is from South Korea. This is what she sent me.

the back of my package! ☺️ Isn’t it pretty?

When I opened it I tried to be as careful as possible because I could tell she had done some hard work making her envelope. This is what was inside!

I was so excited when I opened it and found this!

Those are a Korean letter set, stickers, and pretty Kawaii memo sheets.

It’s a Korean whale themed letter set! That’s the front. ☺️

Here’s the back! 

These are all the cute Kawaii memo sheets and stickers she sent! I love them!

My favorite one is this one. They are pink sakuras! ☺️🌺

Here are some other ones I favor more as well.

HEE is so thoughtful as she knows I love anime and Disney characters! I was super impressed when I saw the way she sent her letter all neatly written out on pretty origami paper.

Thanks Hee!


*Weekend Agenda*

So today I wrote a letter responding back to Dahee! (you will hear about her a lot as she is my friend☺️) I can’t wait until she receives it and see what all I put inside for her! Maybe I will post that later..


 This weekend im going to set a goal to finish all the swaps listed below!

  • Lets write a story #1 to Karin
  • Write a letter to Tasia
  • Kawaii Letter USA #6 to Ellen
  • Happy Little Notecards #25 to Rhonda and Karen
  • Notebook Paper Letter #1 to Sandahl
  • Random Stickers Swap #1 to Jackie
  • Lets write a story #2 to Betty

Once I have these all finished up, I’m going to post them!

So excited about it as I love to write!! Guess I’ll get started on them now!



@pinksamuari 🌸

*Just Got a New Package! Hooray!*

Today I got a package from Carolyn! 

It was a shock to me because I forgot that she was going to send this.

But when I opened it I was happy it came!

It had handmade notecards with matching envelopes, crafting materials, stickers, a poem/quote book named Passages, some Washi tape samples, used stamps for collecting, note tabs for a journal/planner/notebook, a pretty journal, and a handwritten note!

Here’s the journal..

Thanks Carolyn, The journal looks great! ☺️

Getting happy mail is so sweet! 

*Happy Mail*

As you know I love happy mail! These are a couple of swaps I did and amongst them there is Hee’s letter!

Here’s another swap I did with Andrea from London, England. It was a postcard and pen swap. 

This is what she sent me!

here’s the back..

Haha! I like my cool editing on that one! 🙂

Inside was two postcards, one with a note on the back, two teas, and a unique little pen.

here’s a better look at the pen!

It’s fun to do swaps! I love mail and writing. I journal everyday!